Vitamin B6 & Tyrosine, Stress support nutrients

One night years ago I was driving home from a shift working on the ambulance in Brockton.

There is a stretch of highway there called 24 which is or at least was really really dark at night

I was coming around a bend in the roadway which it seemed I had to myself when…

A car was stopped! Sideways …across the road right in front of me with no lights on!!!

I missed smashing into that car by literally a hair at around 70mph…

After cashing in a spare life

I remember driving and my hands shaking so much I almost had to pull over

My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it like thunder in my ears

What was responsible for this overwhelming physical reaction I was having all while sitting down?

My nerves and adrenals we’re making it rain☔️ with Norepinephrine & Epinephrine

HOW we handle stressful events is DIRECTLY related to our ability to PRODUCE these power hitters

As Well As

our ability to handle the effects on our physiology (fitness) (flexible vessels)

Find out WHY 😉 Vitamin B6 and Amino Acid Tyrosine are essential for a healthy stress response See below

Tyrosine supplementation has even shown promise Improving cognition under the kinds of stress FIRST RESPONDERS experience!!

I’m not recommending that but I am emphasizing that consuming these nutrients in Whole Foods will help support a healthy stress response

Bottom line

📌We can make Tyrosine if needed but it’s easy enough to get in the diet
📌Consciously doing so can aid our body by providing the raw materials so it’s doesn’t have to make as much
📌B6 is often found in the same foods as Tyrosine ( nature is so smart )
📌 Our stress response depends on these nutrients‼️

How are you liking diving deeper into these concepts ?

It’s fun right! Like we get to live in the coolest most intelligent system ever created