Optimize Wellness and Performance for the demands of work as a first responder, so that you can live a healthy empowered life both on and off the job.

Are you a female first responder or looking to become one?

Did you know that the common stressors of a career in this field effect our female physiology uniquely?

What stressors am I talking about…


Sleep deprivation and irregularities


Rushed eating and missed meals


Acute stress, chronic stress & vigilance stress


Increased Exposure to Job related Environmental toxins

All of these compounding factors majorly challenge our ability to maintain our health and fitness

What it can feel like…


Sleep Disorder

Can’t sleep when you want to and want to sleep when you can’t. No energy to workout / Can’t recover well when you do


Weight Gain

Unable to stick to a healthy nutrition plan. Weight Gain / Can’t lose excess weight Digestive Distress


Mood Swings

Moodiness, anxiety or depression, Menstrual cycle irregularities, Overwhelmed and stressed



Job related injury or strain to back ,knees or shoulders Feeling tired all the time


So what do many of us do?...

Pour more coffee on it and wish for the best

(no judgement, I speak from experience)

What’s really Happening under the surface…


Disrupted Circadian Rhythms

Hormone imbalances

Training that does not support your female physiology and hormonal cycle which leads to your hormones not supporting your training efforts.



Compromised & unsupported foundations of health

Unchecked Stress / Sympathetic overdrive


Lifting Mechanics

Poor lifting mechanics and or joint health

So what do we typically do?


Drink More Coffee


Workout Harder


Diet Harder

“ basically piling more stress on the stress until we..”

Throw in the towel when none of it works and say I’ll just start over Monday…

What We Truly Need

A training program that supports the changes in our female physiology throughout the month allowing us to optimize fat loss, muscle gain and performance

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    Support the Foundations of Health

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    Prioritize Nutrient Dense Whole Foods

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    Individualized nutrition programs and Education

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    Female Hormonal support

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    Good sleep hygiene for when we CAN sleep


We can’t control many of the challenges to our health in this field right?

Disrupted or lack of sleep will always be an issue Stress definitely isn’t going anywhere when crisis is our calling Rushed and missed meals comes with the territory

BUT . . .

The more variables that we can’t change The more important it becomes to support them with ones we can!

How I can Help


I have been working as a Nationally Registered Paramedic for 16 years and with the Fire Department as a Firefighter-Paramedic for 12 of them.

I get the sleep deprivation and leaving a shift feeling like half of yourself

I get the rushed eating, missed meals or desire to face plant into donuts and endless coffee after a long shift when your running on empty and don’t feel like eating “healthy”

I have experienced the acute stress response of a structure fire tone or cardiac arrest at 3:00 am

The invisible weight you carry on your shoulders (the stress of vigilance) that never lets you actually truly rest when you’re on duty. I understand how hard it can be to come home after all of that only to have to put on your other hat as mom, wife or other caretaker often getting little to no time to decompress . I know what it’s like to be young in my career feeling invincible then getting older in my career and feeling the toll it all takes mentally and physically

“ I Know you because I am you! ”

So what makes me qualified to address Health & Fitness?

I am a Fitness & Nutrition super Nerd which has lead me down a very “dynamic” path of learning over the years

(my nice way of saying I made lots of mistakes)

Besides my educational background as a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Tactical Strength and Conditioning PT


I have experimented with various training plans and styles

I have gained excess weight and lost it multiple times

I have looked fit but wasn’t truly healthy

I have had two kids while on the Fire Department and only to come back stronger than when I started in my career

I have been humbled through every experience but determined to find better ways to reach my goals each time

All of this has built a deep understanding for a full circle holistic approach to reaching health and fitness goals in a healthy way that is sustainable for the long term while addressing the unique needs of the female First Responder.


Feeling guilty or weirded out by the thought of making yourself a priority?


Breaking News: We suck at this

It is our nature to put others before ourselves. That’s what we sign up for right?

Risk a lot to Save a lot and We accept those risks

Even though that mentality is meant for extreme circumstances all too easily, it becomes our mentality all of the time. We even wear it as a badge of honor in many ways


What we don’t talk about is how placing yourself last
It is not a place to serve From


Chronically putting ourselves last leads to self-neglect, which turns into poor health and eventually Burnout

It’s just not sustainable
Not in this line of work or any for that matter

You wouldn’t keep writing checks on a negative bank account but we find no issue doing that to ourselves

There isn’t enough coffee or jokes to substitute self-care but we keep trying

Here is your Permission Slip

Its ok to take care of you with the same dedication you would a complete stranger

Not only is it ok, its ethical and its Necessary


To make it through your career


To thrive in your career


To live out those well-deserved retirement years beyond your career


To serve with integrity

Self Care

Many of us know we need to take better care of ourselves but we have no idea where to start

Maybe you have tried it all before only to fall back into old patterns and end up back at square one only more frustrated


I’d love to help you finally end the degenerative cycle of starting over and find a sustainable approach


To find a Fitness & Nutrition plan that works for you!


Your goals, your needs and your unique bio-individuality


To feel your best and stand empowered in Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset


To build resiliency through Nutrition and lifestyle changes

That’s why I developed my program

Designed specifically for the Female First Responder

Program Details

SHIFT STRENGTH is a 3 month full circle wellness program designed around the unique needs of the Female First Responder. I work one on one with each client to help her redefine her health and wellness inside and outside of her dynamic work environment. Over the course of 3 months it is my goal to equip women with the education and tools to lead a sustainable healthy lifestyle, where she can feel her best in herself and about herself through Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset

What’s Included In Program


One On One Coaching Calls, Goal Setting And Check Ins

This is where I really get to know you! We will talk about your challenges, goals and needs. Here we will evaluate feedback from your intake forms and together we start creating a clear vision of the future and the plan that supports your vision. As we go along through weekly check-ins and monthly calls, adjustments are made as needed to keep that momentum and progress going


In Depth Nutritional
Assessment & Plan

We start by getting a good look into any foundational health imbalances and nutrient deficiencies that may be occurring. From there a Nutrition protocol will be formulated around supporting those foundations while addressing any health goals you may. Everyone’s ideal diet is going to look different. It’s about finding what works best for you.


Custom Training Plan

With your goals in mind I formulate a fitness plan that aligns with what you enjoy! While there are some core themes we always want to address in any fitness plan I want you to love your workouts! Your custom fitness plan is meant to work in harmony with your nutrition plan. No more running in circles and not getting results.


Mindset Coaching

Often the missing link, Mindset really is the foundation for which you build your nutrition, fitness and health. I can give you the best personalized nutrition and training plan, but if your mind is not on board, you’re not getting far. Now more than ever before, evidence is pouring out on the power on the mind body connection. Our thoughts alone can change and affect our physiology! Mindset is more than cultivating empowering self-talk, but also plays a starring role in stress management. Developing techniques to tap into mindfulness as well as building your very own mindfulness toolbox will help restore some balance to the high stress states we live in as first responders.


Accountability & Personal
Cheering Squad

Have you ever tried to share a positive change you want make with your family or friends only to have them just suck the life out of your happy vibes? This happens a lot actually for various reasons. That is why it’s important especially when starting out to have a cheering squad. I may be not be a whole squad but I’ve got enough positive vibes to push your way to feel like it. I want to hear about all your wins big small and everything in between! I am also here for support when you are struggling. I offer no judgement and only share guidance when asked. Sometimes all we need is an empathetic witness not more advice. I am also here to cultivate accountability. Yes ultimately we are accountable to ourselves but having that external source to report progress too has real -fire under the butt- power. When we have become accustomed to letting ourselves down it can help to have someone outside of ourselves to feel inspired by until we restore that inner trust with ourselves.

The short and sweet

A total of 3, 1 hour of
coaching calls

In depth Nutrition assessment at the start of Month 1 and again in month 3

Bio-Individual Nutrition plan that evolves with you

Custom Training plan that progresses monthly

Weekly Email check ins, and Voxer support

Exit Plan

$900.00 USD

for the 3 Month coaching package

If you have read through this nodding your head thinking
Yes, uhhuh yep that’s me,
oh ya that’s me too! Dang
Get out of my head already!....

then maybe it’s time to find out if I can help you move to a place of

Yes, that was me
Oh ya that was me too!
I have come so damn Far!

Apply now

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Your application will remain confidential and whether we work together or not I will never share any information you disclose with me.

I will be back in touch with you within 3 business days at the latest after receiving your application with time and date options to speak directly.

A copy of your application will be emailed back to you

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