Meal Ideas that support the Stress response : Breakfast Edition

See below for 5 Days worth of Breakfast meal ideas

Each meal is packed with nutrients that support our Acute Stress Response
By including

Antioxidants ✅
Anti-inflammatories ✅
Vitamin B6 ✅
Tyrosine ✅
And more

The choices we make at the start of our day truly set the tone for the rest of the day!

Starting off with a nutrient dense breakfast not only helps you to feel your best physically

But also it feels good psychologically to make good choices for ourselves

Seemingly small choice that carries a good amount of influence

You are much less likely to eat something crappy for lunch when you put the effort into a healthy breakfast

And the opposite is also true

When we eat a breakfast loaded with sugar, processed carbs and minimal protein we end up feeling like 💩 shortly after. Tired sluggish, foggy and ultimately crave more of the same to try and feel better

If it’s one change you can make to your diet start with breakfast!

Don’t worry about anything else
Just try to eat a nutrient dense high protein breakfast

Chances are that positive choice will spill into more