How to Create a Stronger Vision for a Stronger you

Want to get in the best shape of your life? How changing the narrative has to the power to not only transform your body but also turn the journey into a process you love.

The Mission

  • How the current narrative just doesn’t serve us
  • Why it comes BEFORE diet and exercise when it comes to overall success
  • Adopt a new inspiring narrative and never look back

Are you ready to take the first step into a better story? Ok let’s dive in

Often when women think about improving their bodies, 2 words often come to mind. Diet and exercise. These terms have acquired a lot of baggage through years between the latest diet fad and fitness trends. These terms “diet and exercise” can feel heavy and uninspiring and yet that’s what we have come to accept. That it’s supposed to be a hard miserable process riddled with restriction, deprivation and long cardio sessions that promise if we can suffer long enough we too can be thin, happy and shiny. What if I told you there is another story available for you. A story where you leave behind the idea of becoming a smaller version of yourself and step into building the greatest version of yourself. This mental shift from trying to become less to wanting to become more changes everything.

So how did we even get to this place anyway? Let’s have a look at some popular women’s magazine headlines  

-Shrink your belly

-Burn 500+ Calories

-Drop two sizes

-Turn on your skinny gene

-Sexy abs and sleek arms

-Blast Fat Fast

-7 day slim down

-Whittle your middle

And cringe… the most abused term “tone” your muscles (note that muscle “tone” comes from actually building muscle in the first place) Tone is not something you DO its something you see after you have built muscle.

These messages bombard us at every turn from magazine covers, to tv commercials, social media ads, supplements, and celebrity endorsements to name a few. 

Ladies, …Not only can we tell a better story, we Deserve a better story. 

Our narrative sets the tone for the journey toward reaching our health and fitness goals. It is the foundation upon which all else grows, or dies. For example say each phrase out loud. “ I want to lose weight” vs “I want to build my best body”. How does the first phrase make you feel compared to the second phrase? Does one feel more inspiring, positive, or attractive? It may be true you want tools weight, but its focusing on a negative and while that may seem like a small thing there is more to it. ” But Rachael, these are just words!”, “I want flat abs and a tight bum, I want to feel good and be fit”… I hear you but, while diet and exercise are the actions it is our language and beliefs that influence the odds of us taking those actions! It also shapes how we experience and perceive the actions we take. Stop trying to succeed by force and create a narrative that pulls you to your goal. Discomfort can motivate us but usually only temporarily. Inspiration however is not only far more powerful, but its a lot more fun to operate from. One feels like lack and the other abundance. Which narrative do you want driving you forward?

Old Narrative terms:  Lose  Skinny  Thin   Smaller  Dieting  Toned Weight Loss Slim Restriction 

New Narrative terms:Build  Strong  Lean  Powerful Fueling  Fit  Muscle gains  Healthy Abundance

So before we dip into FuelingBuilding our best bodies, ditch the idea of becoming less for good. Let’s adopt a new story so inspiring we are Pulled to succeed. 

Using the ideas we have covered, What will be your new narrative? 

See a list below with more empowered words to choose from. Write your new mantra down and affirm it every day.






A Force

Bad Ass


Strong Curves

Ex: I love that every day is an opportunity for me to take one more step toward building a strong, healthy body and unstoppable inner confidence.