Ham, Egg and Avocado toast open face sandwich. A Delicious and easy go to for any meal.

Ingredients: 2 Whole eggs, 1 oz (1/4) avocado, 2 slices of toast ( I used Dave’s Killer Bread thin slice white here) 2 slices of Ham (2oz) and Everything But the Bagel seasoning.

While eggs are cooking, toast your bread and then spread Avocado to each slice. Sprinkle a healthy dose of EBTB seasoning on top!
Last remove cooked eggs from the pan and add cooked ham slices to the pan for a quick pan sear on both sides. Top each slice of seasoned avocado toast with 1 slice of ham and half of the cooked eggs. This delicious nutrient dense breakfast or lunch packs a healthy dose of protein and healthy fats that will keep energized.


Cals: 396 Protein: 29.1, Fats 18.2, Carbohydrates 31.4