Grass Fed Butter, Nutritious or hype?

Is Butter healthy?
Does grass fed really matter?

It CAN be
Yes it really matters

See below for a breakdown of the nutrition benefits of grass fed butter which include

📌Butyric Acid
📌CLA or conjugated Linoleic Acid
📌Vitamins A, D, E and K2

If we are what we eat ( and we are) literally
Then we are what we eat, eats

Our cells are made of and operate on nutrients
Those cells become tissues
This tissues form organs
Our organs become systems (digestive, respiratory, cardiac)
All of those systems work together to support the life of the organism (us)

Where our food comes from matters!

Because this directly effects the quality of the materials being used to create our cells, how they operate + support life!

You can track macros, count calories and achieve changes but if you want to -OPTIMIZE- your health and experience of whatever goal you are after ( fat loss, muscle building, general health) quality of food truly matters

Grass fed & humanly raised cows produce more nutrient dense foods because they are eating nutrient dense food that they were designed to eat and digest ( Grass NOT grains, or soy and seed oil manufacturing byproducts)

Grass fed cows from @kerrygoldusa will on average produce 18 liters of milk compared to 35 liters from conventional

They are part of smaller herds, eating their natural diet, and are under much less stress
All of this translates into the food they produce

Why is grass fed butter more of golden yellow color?
Much like the yolks of an egg the richness in color can be attributed to the beta caretone from the greens they eat

Bottom line
🔸Butter can absolutely be healthy
🔸Where it comes from greatly influences the health properties
🔸 I would stay away from spreads made from refined seed oils in all foods whenever possible ( see yesterday’s post for why )