As First Responders, just because we cant change some things does not mean we are Powerless

“First Responders, we often hear
“Change what we can”

📌Improve our diet
📌Improve sleep hygiene for when we are off shift
📌Incorporate mindfulness practices
📌Prioritize rest and relaxation activities off shift

This matters


What about the things we can’t change? Like…

📌Sleep deprivation on shift
📌Repeated exposure to toxins and stressful scenes
📌 Unpredictable meal times
📌 Being away from family and then trying to pull it together once you are with them
📌 Stress load overall

At the end of the day there is a lot we just cannot change am I right?

Does that mean we are powerless ?

We just have to accept it and tough it out ?

I’m here to remind you that you are NOT powerless even in the face of that which you cannot change


You are living in the most powerful intelligent operating system ever designed!

Literally nothing man made can hold a 🔥 to the intelligence of the human body

Take the time to learn more about it
How it works in response to these elements
In doing so you are empowered to support it!

So you can work with your physiology not against it

Become best friends 👯‍♀️

We often feel frustrated with our bodies when we don’t feel our best

But a lot of times that stems from our ignorance

Like me with computers….
The computer is an intelligent design
But I don’t understand it well and so I get frustrated easily

Your body has the greatest work ethic around
It never takes a day off
It’s not spiteful for all the crap we throw at it
It doesn’t half ass making new cells ( it always uses its full ass!)

It operates in 1 mode -Excellence
It will do the best it possible can with the materials it has every time
It’s always working to support LIFE

So here is your reminder
All of that

That energy already exists inside of you and is available to tap into for anything you are working toward

Learn about it
Work alongside it
It’s your home for life

So change what you can, Support what you cannot