Antioxidant…Anti-inflammatory whats the difference?

Following up on yesterday’s post addressing the ACUTE Stress response I wanted to dive a little deeper into how to support our natural adaptations to stress

During a stress response our vascular system can experience

📌Rapid changes to diameter of
the effected vessels -which in turn causes…
📌Rapid changes to internal
Pressure within the vessels

This calls on them to be both Strong 💪🏼 and Flexible

We do this in 3 primary ways that we CAN CONTROL

📌 Exercise
📌 Diet
📌 Mindfulness practice

An easy place to start in regards to nutrition is just by incorporating more

Antioxidant + Anti-inflammatory Rich foods.

So what is the difference between the two?

What foods fall into these categories?

I’ve got ya covered 😉 See below

In a nutshell these foods help reduce and mitigate inflammation globally but are very important for vascular health to promote that flexibility we want and need!

For antioxidants think Whole Foods with rich bright colors
Role-prevent inflammation

Anti-inflammatory think foods rich in omega 3’s
Role-part of inflammatory process in that they reduce inflammation

Both are equally important

⭐️ Fun fact: Did you know herbs and spices are rich sources of antioxidants? This a super easy and fun way to boost dietary antioxidants ( who doesn’t love some cinnamon ) and for all my coffee ☕️ addicts I mean lovers 😂 maybe try adding some to your cup /cups..

What’s your favorite antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods
I really love them all ( not a picky eater ) but daily staples for me are

Dark Chocolate 🙋🏻‍♀️😍
Pasture raised eggs