I was too! If "getting fit and healthy " was a good thing then why did it feel so hard? I don't mean putting in the effort hard. I mean why is this so complicated! The more rules and restrictions I added in the name of "health" the more disconnected I felt from my own body. The truth is thats exactly what I was doing! My outside in approach had me listening to just about everything except my own body who by the way is pretty smart. I lacked the knowledge and perspective that my role in my own wellness was actually designed to be very simple. What I came to appreciate is that the body is a brilliantly designed system that operates on a level of intelligence that is unmatched by anything outside of ourselves. That when we understand how to support that system it can do what it's always striving to do. Express optimal health. We essentially are the support team for all of the complex interactions under the skin. It's my intention to share an uncomplicated and empowering path to feeling your best in your health journey. Your Fitness and Nutrition plan should feel like your favorite pair of jeans. Uncomplicated, fits YOUR body and make you feel and look great when you wear them. 


How it Started

I have always been an athlete at heart. From as early as I can remember I loved playing any and all sports. Challenging myself physically is and always has been where I feel most at home within myself. Things weren't always that easy however. As a younger girl I I turned to self destructive habits during some difficult years and my inner athlete went into hiding. I had lost my confidence and felt directionless. By divine intervention I was reunited with this connection to myself this time through the gym. That fateful day I walked into the weight room just passing through for a cardio machine when a woman PT offered to show me some excercises. She put me under a barbell, showed me strength training and treated me like I was strong and capable. Right away everything inside of me said YESSSS! I would never be the same. Fortunately years later I was able to thank her for how she showed up for me and I knew I wanted to be that person for others. Fitness truly saved my life and it has become a relentless passion ever since. It has remained my greatest anchor to that sacred space within as well as the catalyst for continued personal growth.  


How its Going

I have spent over 10 years learning as much as I could about Fitness and nutrition. Much of that learning came from trial and error....lots of error, in fact I have failed more than anything. My experiences both positive, negative, hard and everything in between have been my greatest teachers. The sum of which, has built a deep understanding for a full circle holostic approach to reaching health and fitness goals in a healthy way that is sustainable for the long term. I am currently a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with the Nutritional Therapy Association as well as a Tactical Strength and Conditioning certified trainer with the NSCA. I also hold a certification as a Russian Kettlebell instructor through Dragon Door. I will never stop seeking knowledge or ways to improve this process with the intention of sharing what I learn and helping others. My Passion for this mission is no accident, as I believe my purpose lies in helping others find and create the best version of themselves through Fitness, Nutrition and Personal Development.


Who is Rachael

Mama and her cubs #momlife

As a fireman's daughter I grew up around the firehouse. My roots into the Fire and emergency services run deep but it was my strong desire to help others, coupled with an adventurous spirit that lead me to becoming a career Firefighter/Paramedic. I love my my job and it is still a great honor to be one of the first of two females hired on my department. That being said that honor also comes with great responsibility. Leading by example that I am fit for the job is not only a priority in respect to the physical and emotional demands of the job, but in earning the respect and trust of my family of co-workers, One of which is also my husband Ryan. Together we work to bring Firefighter Health and Wellness to the forefront of this profession as best we can. All of that being said nothing has made me stronger or more driven than becoming a mother. Being a mom is by far the hardest most demanding job I have ever faced and yet it is also the most rewarding. All of those aspirations I want for my boys, to have integrity, follow their dreams, believe in themslevs and never give up I know I must first embody those very things myself. They need to see me do it. If I want them to be healthy, thats a message I send by showing them I make the time and take the time to look after myself. That personal responsibility is where your power lies. It also just keeps me sane in the throws of mom life! As author Jen Sincero says, "your not a selfish person for taking care of yourself, just a happier one". 

I've got your back! and I want to help you,

Jump Into Your Best Life

There is no right time to get started creating the best version of yourself. Don't fall into the trap of waiting for life to settle down, for things to fall into place or for you to feel ready. The truth of the matter is change is uncomfortable and so your never going to feel ready. The only way to change that is to take action and just get started! I want to help guide you and provide the right tools, the rest is up to you. Isn't it time you for you to discover how powerful you really are.

-Keep not settling-