A little bit about my journey so far…

You may be asking is she really qualified to be talking about this stuff?…

Most of you know I am a first responder myself but what about the nutrition stuff?

So I thought I’d take a minute to share a little bit about my journey

I got my start reading fitness magazines in the dark ages (before IG)
📌Copying meal plans,
📌Thinking I had to eat perfectly “ clean”
📌All or nothing mindset
📌Fearing foods like carbs or fats
📌Not eating ENOUGH to support my gym efforts
📌Feeling so frustrated that I couldn’t maintain any of it

It wasn’t helping me get or stay healthy and only served to further disconnect me to my own body

It wasn’t until 2012 when I graduated with my certification as Functional Nutritional Therapy Practicer that I had an entirely new and empowering perspective in nutrition and wellness

Where I learned to see and assess things from cell to skin not the other way around

Once you really see the incredible intelligence that is the human body
You can’t unsee it
You can’t go back to addressing things from the outside in

I have since pursued thousands of hours furthering my education through courses, research, books and the great teacher that is failure.

Plain and simple..
I love it
What gets me even more fired up?
Sharing my passion with all of you!

Everyone deserves to be in partnership with their body

What I have learned has empowered me so much in my own journey
the confidence I feel knowing how to truly nourish and support myself is invaluable

It’s my passion and my mission!
to help others take charge of their own health from the inside out.

Even if you become a client of mine, my end goal is that in time you won’t need me anymore!
I know, not the greatest business plan 🤔😂

One thing I am most proud of is that I have been able to bridge my career as a FF/ Paramedic with my passions for fitness and nutrition in my own department helping to grow our wellness initiative alongside some really awesome peeps

It’s been a long and winding road so far but in my heart ❤️ of ❤️’s ( and she don’t lie )
I know
I am just getting started 🔥